HGV subscription

Reduced Fares – since 1 october 2016, fare reductions have been introduced for frequent users. From 1 March 2022, a 5% discount is granted to vehicles making 41 or more journeys per month on the A63 Landes (Castets or Saugnac-et-Muret stations). This discount is increased to 10% from 81 journeys per month. Eligible journeys are those for which the identified electronic toll tag corresponds to the vehicle declared in the tag.

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The term TIS-PL HGV indicates the new French subscription system Télépéage Poids Lourds (HGV Tolls) for vehicles of class A, B or C. Calculated on the Liber-T system intended in France for light vehicles, TIS-PL offers a unique and globalised payment contract of tolls due on various networks over a given period.

It requires the transmitter to be equipped with a badge to be positioned on the windshield which makes it easier to pass through tolls. From now on, this can even be done “without stopping” at a reduced speed (30 km/h): the toll without stopping “TSA 30”, is indicated by panels of “30” speed limits.

Advantages of the TIS-PL:

  • A simple operation: As you pass through a payment lane with the Liber-t logo, your badge is read by an antenna during some tenths of a second. The light turns green and the barrier rises; this all happens very quickly.
  • A fast and simplified passage of vehicles in toll stations.
  • The access to services and specific offers for each transmitter.
  • An easy installation of the badge: the badge inserts into a case that you fix to the the windshield using a sticker.
  • A single invoice for all of your transactions.
  • Optimized management of the toll station thanks to a precise follow-up.

The transmitters accepted on the Atlandes network are: