Recycling and selective sorting

One of the major challenges of the A63 widening works project concerns “the bringing up to environmental standards” of this road, in all aspects.

During the construction phase, several measures specifically related to the works where implemented, particularly the recycling of all the materials milled on the pavements due to the asphalt production, thus allowing a saving in bitumen, also a reduction in transport distances, and the preservation of existing deposits.

In order to manage waste and its removal, very specific measures were defined in the Waste Removal Scheme (WRS), and were implemented :

– management of green waste from the deforestation activity

– implementation of waste collection systems (specific skips or containers)

– implementation of waste collection systems (containers, bins…) set up at workstations

– staff awareness of good sorting practices and good behavior (eg : so as not to abandon waste such as bottles, aerosol cans) : posters, safety-environment quarter hour

– waste removal by branches adapted to their nature

– permanent cleaning of the site and surroundings

– illegal deposits prohibition

– prohibited waste landfill

– prohibited waste burning.

Selective sorting is today at your disposal in all the service areas and rest areas.

Since August 2018, selective sorting of cigarette butts for recycling was included (see specific item).

Overall, in 2020, 405t of waste have been collected on the motorway.