Solar Energy on the A63

As part of a broad highway’s energy consumption analysis, conducted with Egis Exploitation Aquitaine, Atlandes is involved in both research and development innovative solutions in order to ensure a local energy supply and use renewable resources too.
In October 2017 the first step was taken on the Saugnac-and-Muret toll station, with the implementation of Colas’ “Wattway” solar pavement, aiming to produce electricity through solar panels integrated into self-consumption pavements.

After analyzing the site, it was decided to install 60m2 of “Wattway” slabs in the southwest quadrant of the Saugnac-et-Muret toll station, in order to directly power part of the lane equipment. 50m2 were laid on the asphalt road surface and 10m2 on the concrete slab of the station.

This experimentation is being monitored by the French State services under the ministerial decision of September 28, 2017.