Rest areas

Taking into account the situation and the particular amenities of the A63 motorway of the Landes, particular attention was paid to the design of the service and rest areas.

Placed on the main route of the summer migrations towards Portugal and Spain and on the winter route of the Pyrenees ski resorts, the A63 accomodates a very significant number of individuals travelling long distances, often with their families, during the holiday periods.

Simultaniously, the A63 motorway of the Landes accomodates a very significant number of goods traffic (more than 7 000 HGV per day) throughout the year, which must stop to respect the regulations.

But the needs for our two clients are different.

This is why all our rest areas were designed in two ways:

  • a “light vehicles” zone. For our individual clients, in addition to the asphalt parking area, a “wilder” summer zone is open during the big holiday periods, offering a pleasant area for picnics or rest. Wooden playgrounds for children offer what is needed to let loose after long hours of travelling.
  • An “HGV” zone, which is isolated and offers showers and a closed area to rest.

Your journey is interspersed with rest stops every 20 to 30 km:


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Almost one fatal accident out of 3 is due to tiredness or drowsiness (road safety statistics), it is thus essential to stop. For your safety, stop every 2 hours.