Radio 107.7

LOGO_RADIO_ATLANDES-BDThe motorway information radio 107.7 broadcasts flash information every 15 minutes about the traffic conditions, as well as warnings.

On the A63 motorway of the Landes, the 107.7 is managed by Radio VINCI Autoroutes on behalf of Atlandes.

From July 20th 2018, find your music or topics on the dedicated web site radio-atlandes-autoroute.


The messages are broadcast thanks to ten pylons which were specifically built for this purpose.
This system allows the development and the broadcasting from the central operations posts (COP) of radiophonic messages about events in progress, indicating the position and the type of event.

The contractual performance requires that in less than 4 minutes after reporting by the COP, the information is broadcast.

If your car radio has a TA (Traffic Announcement) or TP (Traffic Program) function with the RDS, it enables you to receive the only warning messages related to traffic while listening to another media (CD) or a partner radio (currently stations of the Radio France group).