An international axis

The A63 motorway of the Landes is the gateway from Europe towards Portugal and most of Spain.

Whether you’re a business traveller, holiday maker or private individual, your road towards Spain or Portugal goes through the A63. You are only a few hours from the Basque Country, Cantabrie, Asturies or Burgos, but you can go as far as Galicia, Extremadura, Andalusia, Tolèdo or Madrid. The entirety of Portugal is opened up to you by the A63 motorway of the Landes.

The A63 is also the path of pilgrimages, towards Santiago de Compostella or Our Lady of Fatima. For walkers, it is important to understand that for safety reasons – but also for better meditation – the walk must be carried out on the side roads and not in the motorway area. The motorway standardisation of the old national road “10” can change peoples habits, by pushing them to discover paths closer to the heart of the Landes.