COVID-19 continuity of essential services for truck drivers

During the Coronavirus health crisis, in order to ensure continuity of freight road transport, all the staff on A63 is mobilized : patrolmen, service station staff, towing services, and security forces.

Among expected services, sanitary facilities (showers, toilets) remain our priority.

For this, it is of the utmost importance to TAKE CARE of the sanitary facilities, RESPECT staff who is keeping them clean and basic protective measures

It is part of #HeWorks #ICare commitment !

We remind you that on A63 between Salles (exit 21) and Saint Geours de Maremne (exit 9), 5 showers are available on each rest areas : Lugos, Labouheyre, Onesse-Laharie et Magescq, Est and West for each location.

To locate services: see site map or on truck parking Europe

A french national map is updated on bison futé website

Thanks for your help, your commitment and have a safe drive !