Transforming Freight Movement through ITS – Singapore’s ITS World Congress feedback

From October 21st to 25th was held in Singapore the 26th ITS World Congress. Since its organisation in Bordeaux in 2015, a symposium called “Transforming Freight Movement through ITS (TFMI)” is organised during the congress to specifically adress freight topics.
It presented this year three special interest sessions, and was opened this year by Young-Tae Kim, General Secretary of the OECD/ITF.


Considering the importance of road freight on A63, Atlandes was invited to moderate the first session, “Efficient and sustainable operation of commercial vehicles on highways”.
The second session focussed on Connected and Automated Vehicles, and Truck Platooning, while the third one adressed the urban questions of smart multimodal logistics.

Find the présentations and summary on the IFSTTAR website:

IFSTTAR – itsfreightsingapore

He Works I Care 2nd edition at Magescq West rest area on 17/10/2019

Following success of the 1st edition in June 2018, ATLANDES and Egis Exploitation Aquitaine renew, in partnership with Truck Parking Europe (PTV), #HeWorks#ICare event for truckers.

It is this year part of the patrollers security week, from October 14th to October 20th.

This event is intended to heighten truckers awareness of patrollers security through a positive and human approach.

The event will take place at Magescq Ouest, on Thursday, October 17th, from 10:30 to 17:00



On A63 – Moors motroway, the right lane which is most often offset by security vehicle protecting broken down vehicles, is almost exclusively used by trucks, most of them being driven by foreigners rarely speaking french.

The design of this event consists in building up support of truckers with visual elements so they can become actors and strengthen durably their awareness (I Care) of patrollers working on the motorway (He Works).


A transitory photographic studio will be set up on the rest area to bind a strong link between truck drivers and patrollers, two populations who never meet except in case of dramatic situations. Egis Exploitation Aquitaine employees and truck drivers will take part together to a « shooting » after having shared a coffee. After this gathering, each driver will leave with a photo and a customised T shirt, mark of his commitment.

4X3 He Works I Care A63In order to raise more widely public and light vehicle drivers awareness, pictures will be cast on social networks and exposed on rest and service areas. For a lasting impact, one picture from last edition is displayed in 4×3 format on the motorway side.

Similar events will take place this year in Portugal, Germany and Croatia by EGIS.




For more info, download the press release in pdf format

Way back from holidays and G7 in Biarritz – how to anticipate and organize your journey

This weekend August 24th and 25th is classified “red” by the french traffic information center “Bison Fûté” for the way back from holidays, especially in the South west of France and on A63 because of the organization of the G7 summit in Biarritz.
To organize your trip on the A63:
* take note of G7 traffic regulation:
– by ASF website for the section between the spanish border and Saint Geours de Maremne
– by ATLANDES on this site

By listening to the motorway radio (in French) on 107.7 MHz or on the website

For information on public transport, see the Prefecture des Pyrénées Atlantiques website

Solar road pavement in trial on Saugnac-et-Muret toll gate

Since October 27th 2017, 60m2 of “Wattway” solar panels have been set on the road pavement downstream the Saugnac_et_Muret toll gate in the Bordeaux to Spain direction. 50m2 set, as usual up to now, on the coated surface of the motorway, and 10m2 on the concrete slab of the toll gate itself, which a first trial.

This area should produce, in ideal sunshine conditions, the energy needed to run the toll gate. No stocking nor reselling are planned since the aim if auto-use of energy.

See website for more détails or download the leaflet.


Reduced fares for frequent heavy goods vehicles

From October 1st 2016, Atlandes will offer reduced fares for heavy goods vehicle using frequently A63 between Salles and Saint Geours de Maremne. Those reduction, up to 10%, are open to any vehicle passing more than 31 times per month by our toll gates.
These reductions will be offered through TIS-PL subscription, provided that the vehicle characteristics registered into the on board unit matches those of the vehicle passing the toll gates. Designed in cooperation with professionals, these measures can be enhanced by special offers for new TIS-PL subscriptions, from TIS-PL providers. See page on TIS-PL.
The amount of reduction will be deducted at the end of the month, based on the number of transactions (number of gates passed) of the month.
See the flyer (FR).